Upcoming events

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Interested in Cosplay or attending the next Con this year?

Please visit our new Events page to find out which events we will be attending our joining.  We are not planning to have booths yet, but we will be walking around and talking to other guests about their costumes and what interests them to learn more and more about this exciting new direction were going…why don’t you join us!


Here are some costume pieces we’ve made in the past….


Gallery & Shop

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Well, I’ve managed to get some products onto the site pages.  It’s a start, and there’s more coming soon!

We have 2 main pages; our Gallery, which shows products that were custom made in the past or sold in stores in Japan, and our Shop showing our most recent items made as products ready for sale.

Moving forward, products made as custom orders and any new stock products will be featured as new Blog Posts and will be added to these 2 pages.

If you like anything you see, please let us know!

You can contact us at 416-830-3537 or by email at



Welcome to our new home!

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Crazy Canadian Leather has a new home here at WordPress.  We had some unexpected issues with our site at Shopify and so we decided to go for a nice, simpler approach.  We hope you like it.

Over the coming days, weeks and months, we will post new items made and ready for sale.  We will still provide custom leather work, but we figured most people nowadays want something already made and don’t want to wait a few weeks or so.

We will also be sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as usual, so if you are following us, keep in touch.

Thank you for your support and interest!


Travis & Jamie Ramage