Tis almost the season

So we come to that magical time of year once again when we start seeing holiday movies and shows on TV, Christmas music and decorations in the malls and think …”it’s only November!!!!!”

At Crazy Canadian Leather, it means a much welcome sudden surge of custom orders for holiday gifts.  

If you are looking for the right gift for someone special, you’ve come to the right place, but don’t delay cause our deadline for custom orders for Christmas is November 25th.

We will gladly take orders after that date of course, but we won’t be able to guarantee delivery by Big Red on Christmas morning.

For order enquiries, please email us at info@crazy-canadian.ca or call (416) 830-3537.

Dark Knight – Fan Art Wallet

Our second piece from our Fan Art, this Wallet is inspired by one my favorite Comic Book and Movie Heros … Batman!

NOTE: This item is NOT licensed by DC Comics (c) and therefore will only be made 3 times, so please visit our Etsy Shop for full details and grab it while it’s still available!

Crazy Canadian Leather on Etsy

Coming soon..

Back by popular demand, we are starting to produce some movie costume replicas again.   Want to look great at the next ComicCon or FanExpo?  Need help with your costume?  Give us a call @ 416-830-3537 or email us at info@crazy-canadian.ca for a quote.

First up – Jedi Costume Belt Replicas!!



New and improved versions coming very soon!

Some other items include;
Other costume belts
Leather Bracers
And much more!


Signature Biker Wallet


Our Signature Biker Wallet is back!

All hand-crafted in Vegtan Leather, tooled in our original Western Basket Design and features a Berry Lone Star Concho, Braided Wallet Rope and matching Belt Hook.

Has lots of pockets for bank, credit, point cards and ID, cash, coins and receipts.

Rope is approximately 75cm long.

Available in Natural, Tan, Mahagany, Brown and Black.

Please visit our Etsy Shop for online ordering!

New Coin Pouches

Just the right size to carry your change and some TTC tokens or tickets.
These are made from Vegetable Tanned Leather and are hand cut, dyed and stitched with a small coin Concho and beads.
Currently available in Natural, Tan, Brown and Black as shown.  Some other colours are available by request.






To purchase, please visit our Etsy Shop here.

New Ladie’s Style Hipster Wallet





Made of Vegetable Tanned Leather, this wallet is all cut, dyed and stitched by hand.

It’s dyed in a beautiful blue-turquoise colour with the edges left natural.

It features several pockets for cards, ID, coins and cash as well as a Nickel Concho and lace for closure.

To purchase, please visit our Etsy Shop:

Etsy Shop


Remember, we’re also on Etsy.  Please visit us at;

For our most recent creations for sale.

Up and coming…


We’ve been working on some new wallet and accessories designs over the past month and I think you’ll like them.

It can sometimes be a challenge to come up with new stuff cause you’ll look at your creation and think “this isn’t new! I’ve made this before!”

So where do I go for inspiration? I look everywhere. I’m on Pinterest, Facebook, DeviantArt and Etsy everyday and I pay attention… But I don’t copy. I let all the ideas I see get absorbed and let them sit until I start drawing again.
Then I go to our existing patterns and ask, how can I make something different with this? Sometimes it’s a new medicine pouch out of a wallet back, or new Bracelets out of failed belts.

The creative juices are flowing again, and I have lots of material. Let’s see what comes next…Wallets? Belts? Pouches? Armor perhaps? I’ll just leave you in a little suspense.

Payments made easier

We are now accepting Debit and Credit Card payments through Monaris for Face to Face transactions and at events.




Shipping Orders

For customer convenience and satisfaction, As of April 6th, we will no longer use Canada Post/USPS for shipping orders to clients due to frequent delays and lost items.  We will use only UPS or FedEx from now on with proper tracking numbers.